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Bazaar is a place for empowerment

We believe, locals and newcomers should share their skills and learn from each other.

What skills can you share here?

People offer cool things from leisure time activities to professional competences. Currently we have about thirty skills to choose from.

Our vision

Let‘s create a network where everyone can offer what they are good at.
We see huge potential in all the people coming to new countries at the moment. Bazaar wants to enable them and provide a tool to participate in their new society

How does it work?

We use time banking to make skills exchange fair and flexible.
Here is an example:

  1. Mustafa helps Anna fixing her bike, which takes one hour
  2. Therefore, Anna pays Mustafa one Time-Coin.
  3. With this Time-Coin, Mustafa can receive one hour of German lessons from Luigi, who is a cook.
  4. That way, they not only exchange skills but learn about their backgrounds and cultural values.

Sound good?

Let's get started! It's easy.